Save the date: June 29, 2013

Dear family and friends,

I’ve selected the weekend of June 29, 2013 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for our official family reunion. The decision was based on the fact that several of us will still be in school or just out on the 22nd, and I don’t want to exclude anyone.

Feel free to come early and/ or stay after that weekend. I know everyone’s travel schedules will vary, so I’m going to free up those two weeks as much as possible to accommodate everyone.

The real planning begins now. Please let me know (again) who’s coming, how many, and approximately when. I’ll let you know about housing when we have a head count. BTW, unfortunately I’m not building the cabin, but we still have the bunkhouse, taj mahal, and the two rented camper trailers. That’s in addition to Barbara’s house and my gracious neighbors.

To the food and budget committee: Please start working on meal planning, and a budget including t-shirts and food costs . I’ll let you know shortly the rental cost of the trailers. I’m installing elec. hookups for them this winter.

June will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to see you all!

Much love,

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