Utla Covid Agreement

With a focus on coherence and stability in the midst of a growing pandemic, UTLA and LAUSD have agreed to extend the terms of the current agreement on distance learning, with some adjustments to support engagement with students and parents. **Turn on at 2:30 pm for a special Facebook live with Cecily Myart-Cruz, President of UTLA, and UTLA Bargaining Team Chair Arlene Inouye. UTLA Bargaining team members are available on the chat to answer questions.** #WeArePublicSchools #WeRiseTogetherLA Read More: www.utla.net/…/la-coalition-demands-circuit-breaker. Myart-Cruz said students` learning has suffered because of distance learning, and the union hopes to reach an agreement with the district on a plan to resume personal training in the coming weeks. According to the borough, both parties have a deadline until January 24 to complete the blended learning plans. Ask questions about chat! In today`s segment, Arlene Inouye, co-chair of bargaining Team, will present information on the agreement to extend distance learning reached last night. Updates on the new assessment policy and the request for a lockdown for the month of January to halt the spread of the virus and save lives. In the meantime, the courses remain online. The contractual agreement announced on Friday largely mirrors the one that already exists for the autumn, but this pact is expected to end at the end of the year. LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Members of the United Teachers Los Angeles announced Friday that they have agreed with school district officials on a distance learning plan in the spring, but some details have yet to be worked out. www.utla.net/…/unions-teachers-nurses-grocery-and-h.

“We are pleased to reach an agreement on the renewal of the distance study contract, which is what our students need now,” said Cecily Myart-Cruz, President of UTLA. “In the face of the upheaval we are all facing, educators, students and families most need stability, and our bargaining team has worked 24-7 to address this need.” SEE UTLA Prez Cecily Myart-Cruz and parents Alicia Baltazar talk about the need to short-circuit this deadly increase in the virus. A temporary lockdown with safety nets for businesses and workers can save lives and ultimately allow for a faster and safer reopening of schools and the economy.

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