Bnz Loan Facility Master Agreement

StepUP loans (also known as Good Loans) are a community initiative between us, Good Shepherd NZ, and the Ministry of Social Development. We are the lender, but StepUP loans are only available through our community providers. For more information and a list of suppliers, see Depending on the date of your loan agreement, you may need to read more than one version of the terms and conditions below. If you have a letter of advice, please read your loan facility director contract. . . . BNZ submitted a product release statement of April 16, 2020 for regulated futures offers issued by BNZ, in accordance with Part 3 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (April 16, 2020). A copy of the SDP is available here or on request and free of charge on 0800 658 882. With the operation of a BNZ credit card, you agree to the specific terms and conditions for your credit card. .

In addition, you must read and accept specific conditions before applying for any of these products/establishments. . The information contained on our website, in publications or emails (“Publication”) is only used for general information and is a summary based on selective information that may not be complete for your purposes. This publication does not provide advice or recommendations on the topics covered and its content should not be used as a basis for entry into the products described in it. To the extent that the information or recommendations contained in this publication constitute financial advice, they do not take into account an individual`s particular financial situation or objectives. The Bank of New Zealand strongly recommends that recipients seek independent legal and financial advice before acting on any of the issues discussed in this publication. . EasyCover was closed from April 2, 2020 for new applications or an increase. . BNZ credit card terms apply to BNZ Visa Classic, Visa Platinum, Visa Limited Edition Platinum, BNZ Advantage Visa Classic, BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum, BNZ Advantage Visa Business and Visa Lite; and BNZ Advantage Classic Mastercard, HomeAdvantage Mastercard, Low Rate Mastercard and Activator Mastercard. Our insurance documents reflect current conditions on the dates listed below.

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