What Is Chelsea And Adam Custody Agreement

Currently, Houska and husband Cole DeBoer have custody of Aubree, whom she shares with Adam Lind. He can only see them at school events or surveillance visits, while his parents receive one visit per month where Adam cannot be present. In the preview posted by the official twitter page of teenager Mom 2, Chelsea reveals that the custody agreement between her and Adam stipulates that Adam can only visit his daughter at a visiting centre. Chelsea, who is pregnant with her daughter Layne in preview, reveals that there is a place for Adam to go see with Aubree every week. Chelsea agrees with the weekly schedule and admits it may be good for Adam to “learn” his daughter. Adam always performs from time to time on The Mother 2 of adolescence. From season 9, he says he wants to extend Aubree`s custody. Under the current agreement, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer have custody of Aubree, while Adam can only attend school events or see his daughter on a supervised visit, pro TooFab. On Teen Mom 2, she mentioned the rule change she currently has. Chelsea Houska wants to make sure she does what is best for Aubree and depending on what the last few episodes have shown, it is time to change the custody contract and let Aubree spend more time at home. Adam Lind`s parents woke up during the episode of Teen Mom 2 on March 18, when Cole rushed to their home and eroded Aubree because he and Chelsea discovered they had broken the rules of their custody contract.

Adam is not supposed to be there when Aubree`s parents visit Adam – it`s a court order – so when Adam`s mother wrote to Donna Chelsea that Adam had passed, she asked Cole to pick up Aubree immediately. And when he arrived, Donna asked where to pick up Aubree as soon as Adam was gone. Cole was surprised at how ignorant she seemed to be of the rule she broke. He told Donna she wouldn`t get Aubree back, and they ruined her weekend with her by allowing Adam to pass. And when Cole and Aubree returned home, Chelsea offered to take the break to allow Aubree to visit his grandparents. Chelsea`s mother also insisted that they adopt Cole Aubree, but Chelsea still want it to be Aubree`s idea. Speaking about the custody dispute, she told the publication: “I feel like this time [with what we`re dealing with] is a little different from the times you`ve seen before. I feel like this season has a lot to do to find out what works best for [Cole DeBoer and I] as a whole, and what works best for Aubree, what`s really the most important – what`s best for her and how she feels about everything. But her physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional ups and downs she suffered in front of the camera. From dysfunctional relationships (a basic food of a teenage mom) to long-term custody struggles, Chelsea went through it all.

So, without further change of mentality, here is the immense truth of Chelsea Houska. Then she dropped the bomb she wants to meet with her lawyers to renegotiate Aubree`s custody agreement. Another moment when Chelsea questioned the visit agreement came as she was discussing seeing Adam Lind Text Aubree. It was short and simple, but there was no conversation. It was clear that he broke Chelsea`s heart. She then referred to the change in the court order. After all, Cole DeBoer has been in the role of Dad for years. ? Cole heated up when @ChelseaHouska learns that Adam`s parents have broken their custody contract. The new season of Teen Mom 2 will premiere Monday night on MTV. While fans have kept pace with the girls on social media, there are still many things we haven`t caught up with, including the Chelsea Houska drama starring Adam Lind. In a new look at the show, Chelsea talks about Adam`s custody and the visit of her daughter, Aubree.

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