Translation Of Settlement Agreement

For example, while the defendants claimed that the applicant`s uncle had read the transaction agreement in Spanish and English, the applicant, in his opposition to the summary decision request, argued that he did not want to sign the agreement, that he was obliged to sign the agreement and that the agreement had not been read or explained in English or Spanish. The complainant also stated at the time of his dismissal that he did not want to sign the agreement, but that a D.R. judge told him that the only way to leave the country was if he had to reach an agreement. In addition, the complainant claimed that armed police were present when he was forced to sign the Spanish language agreement, claiming that a “public lawyer” told him that if he did not sign the agreement, he would go to jail for Mr. Sanchez`s violations and for “waste of court time”. The complainant continued to refuse to sign the agreement, but when an official from the Dominican Republic told him: “Okay. You`re going to jail,” he finally gave in. New York uses the “fair distribution” system to distribute assets, unless a transaction agreement between the parties is entered into in writing. After the complainant and Mr. Sanchez were discharged from the hospital, they appeared before a D.R. judge.

The judge told them that they must either settle their dispute or stay in the country and wait three months for a trial. Although he claimed that he did not cause the complainant`s injuries, the accused Sanchez would have settled the dispute with the complainant anyway by signing a transaction agreement written in Spanish for wanting to bring his pregnant wife into the United States as soon as possible. Defendant Sanchez paid part of the complainant`s medical bills, but did not pay any additional bills upon his return to the United States. “acuerdo (o convenio) of liquidacin” would refer to the billing of an account such as the payment of your credit card.B. Here I think the context is the settlement of a lawsuit, not a payment agreement. I recently researched these terms for a translation I did. I found these terms on the Internet in legal documents and legal dictionaries. A Costa Rican also confirmed that “arreglo conciliatorio” is the term used when a civil trial is settled.

The Tribunal also justified this decision by the fact that the Tribunal erred in ignoring the evidence, since, on the facts of this case, it was likely that the Tribunal would have dismissed the summary decision application if it had ruled on the merits on the merits on the ground of material litigation. The court stated that the applicant`s version was presented in total contradiction with the defendant`s version. In addition, the Tribunal found that the applicant`s testimony on the circumstances of the transaction contract and whether the applicant had signed the Spanish language agreement under duress referred to three facts. Other forms include a custody and assistance agreement for children, an agreement on alimony and an agreement on the management of real estate distributions. In many cases, the divorced couple gets an agreement between themselves and the terms are included in a marriage comparison contract. There is a growing need for English legal translation due to the fact that the Dominican Republic has recently reported in the news of numerous unexplained tourist deaths as well as the execution of the famous baseball player David Ortiz. Recently, in Prado v. Sanchez, the California Court of Appeal, has ruled in a case involving a physical altercation between the United States.

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