Tla`amin Final Agreement Act

(3) A copy of the agreement or tax treatment agreement published by the Queen`s Printer is evidence of this agreement and its content, and it is presumed that a copy that would be published by the Queen`s printer will be published unless the contrary is proven. 3 The agreement is a treaty and a land agreement within the meaning of Articles 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act 1982. 7. The Tla`amin Nation and local communities can enter into and maintain agreements defining the principles, procedures and guidelines for managing their relationships. The Tla`amin Nation agrees that any service agreement between the Sliammon Indian Band and a local government in force the day before the effective date remains in effect until it is renegotiated or denounced in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 8. In the absence of an agreement under paragraph 7.b, the Tla`amin Nation and the local government will discuss land use on land that affects a common border between them. Tax Treatment Agreement: The tax agreement covered in Chapter 21, paragraph 22, of the agreement, including any changes. 15 To the extent that a B.C. law is not on its own with the Tla`amin Nation, Tla`amin Citizens, the public institutions of Tla`amin, Tla`amin Public Institutions, Tla`amin Corporations, Tla`amin Lands or other foe`amin application, because of the exclusive legislative power of Parliament under Class 24 of Section 91 , 1867, this B.C. Act applies to them or to them on the basis of this section , in accordance with the agreement and subject to this law and any other law of Parliament. (e) be served at least fourteen days before the date of the case, unless the court allows a shorter period of time. 14 Tla`amin laws and other treaty instruments are not instruments of the rule of law under the Legal Instruments Act. 11.

The director of Tla`amin will have the duties, powers, duties, duties and protection of responsibility of a municipal director of the district regional council, as made available to a “director of the first nation” under provincial law. (2) In this Act, the former Sliammon Indian Reserves, Other Tla`amin Lands, Sliammon Indian Band, Tla`amin Citizen, Tla`amin Corporation, Tla`amin Government, Tla`amin Lands, Tla`amin Law, Tla`amin Nation and Tla`amin Public Institution have the same meaning as in Chapter 1 of the agreement. . The Canadian courts have held that the best way to achieve this reconciliation is to negotiate. 11 Subject to paragraph 12, the framework agreement within the meaning of paragraph 2, paragraph 1 of this Act and the Sliammon First Nation Land Code, enacted under paragraph 6, paragraph 1, of the Land Management Act, do not apply to the Tla`amin Nation, Tla`amin Citizens, the U.S. administration, public institutions or Tla`amin Lands as of the accord`s entry into force. The agreement means the final agreement of Tla`amin between the Tla`amin Nation, Her Majesty in Canadian law and Her Majesty in British Columbia law, including any changes that have been made to it. (Agreement) Legislation to implement the Tla`amin Final Agreement and amend other laws, while reconciliation between the past Aboriginal presence and the Crown`s assertion of sovereignty is of considerable social and economic importance to Canadians. 7 At the time the agreement came into force, the Tla`amin Nation holds the tax rebate under Chapter 3 of the agreement, with the exception of the lands described in Part 1 of Appendix C-3 of the agreement and in the other Tla`amin countries.

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