Soho House Membership Agreement

In addition to any insurance you have to legally manage, Soho Works asks you to purchase, organize and maintain appropriate liability insurance for the duration of your membership and for the use of premises if you are an Office member, and reserves you the right to request a copy of your insurance certificate or other proof of insurance. This distance agreement (as opposed to the agreement) has been concluded since and between Corpera Turizm Yatér-mlara Anonim Irketi, registered with Evliya Eelebi Mah. Cad Merutiyet. No. 56 Beyo-lu/Istanbul under the number MERSIS 0612056449400012 (`Soho House`) and the member who applied for membership on the Soho House website (`member`). The telephone number to which the member can contact Soho House is 90 212 377 7100. You agree to exempt Soho Works and its affiliates from any action, claim, cost (including legal and fee), losses, proceedings, damages, commitments or claims incurred or incurred by Soho Works, as long as this results from your membership or affiliation, non-compliance with these conditions or your use of Soho Works premises or your affiliation. No member or guest may acquire, sell, use or own property on or near the site of illegal or offensive property. If such items are found, the object is seized, the member and/or client is removed from the house, the membership in question is terminated and, depending on the circumstances, we may have to call the police or the relevant authorities. Members whose applications are accepted before or before their 27th birthday receive a discount on membership until their 30th birthday, as well as other discounts and events. You can find all the details on our online membership portal, If your application is not accepted on the day or before your 27th birthday, the full membership fee applies.

If you have chosen a monthly, quarterly or annual payment and wish to renounce your membership (or your membership is partially terminated during the year), you must pay your full membership fee for the remainder of the year. Refunds are made at the discretion of Soho House. The member accepts and accepts that Soho House has news regarding membership, the article of the agreement which, as part of the agreement, transmits activities and services by telephone, e-mail and/or SMS, in accordance with e-commerce regulation act 6563 of 23 October 2014, to its contact details which he or she indicated when applying for membership on the Soho House website or which he gave to Soho House at any time. Any intervention on personal data such as collection, recording, storage, disclosure, disclosure, transmission, consultation, provision for the collection or categorization of your personal data that you share with us, in whole or in part automatically (or in a non-automatic) way that is part of an archiving system, may be carried out by us as the person responsible for processing in accordance with the law.

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