Ryerson Residence Agreement

You can ask for up to three roommates in a group of roommates. Please note that all members of the desired group of roommates must receive an offer to stay during the first round of offers in order to meet the demand. CONTACT US Open 8:30 a.m. at 4.30pm.m. Monday to Friday or by appointment. 416-979-5332 Fax: 416-979-5332 dscn@ryerson.ca Gender identity in the application for residence is voluntary. If you don`t want to identify your gender, you don`t have to. Students may apply to be dismissed from their financial responsibilities for academic, medical or compassionate reasons. You must file your application at the same time as the retraction form and you are out of order. You must also provide supporting documentation for your application.

Apply to secure your place and take the work rate from looking for a place to live in Toronto for the summer stay in the Ryerson residence. Five floors selected in the residence of derres are dedicated to living learning communities. They are all gender-specific and aim to foster the link between students by grouping them together on the basis of personal interests and academic aspirations. Put a key for the bike space in Pitman Hall, which can be used by residents in all buildings for storage/bike parking during the stay in the residence. Students are financially responsible for their accommodation until another student takes over. Housing – Residence Life works hard to minimize your ongoing financial responsibilities as new students move into the residence. However, you may remain responsible for weekly rental costs, even after undressing, especially later in the school year, if you retire. Please note that, in accordance with the residence agreement, students must also charge a stay fee of $400.00. Payment fees are charged to your RAMSS account after they have withdrawn their residence and are released from their financial liability. On that date, they will be exempt from their agreement and the remaining royalties. Send a screenshot, photo or other document as proof of payment of a residence-related fee to ensure it is received on time.

If you wish to live with a person with the same gender identity, we ask you to identify your gender in the residency application so that we can adapt your gender identity when you are housed in a room style that includes roommates.

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